Why We All Should Re-Use Technology

New Zealand is one of the world's largest electronic waste (e-waste) generators and is the only OECD country without national regulations, a new UN report has revealed. 

E-waste is discarded equipment like phones, computers, fridges and televisions which contain substances that can have an adverse impact on the environment and health. 

Chair of the eDay New Zealand Trust Laurence Zwimpfer said the label was "embarassing", and challenged New Zealand's clean, green image. 

"This is a reality check about little progress we have actually made," he said. 

"Being given a score of 0 per cent in the UN report is a bit unfair as there are some New Zealand recyclers who are doing a fantastic job diverting e-waste from landfills. But these are typically charities or recyclers with a social conscience."

Every Kiwi generates about 20 kilograms of e-waste per year, according to eDay.

"What we need is a permanent and sustainable solution, and this now needs some urgent action by Government," Mr Lawrence said. 

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